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Archive for the ‘CHILDREN’ Category

I have had the joy of photographing sweet Maggie Mae since she was 3 months old since she was enrolled in my Baby’s First Year program.  It has been so fun watching her grow and capturing the milestones of her first year!  In addition to her One Year Session, we added a mini session with Maggie’s big brother and sister (who are equally as adorable and sweet!)  I have SO many favorites from this session, it was hard to choose which ones to show in this sneak peek!!

Enjoy the peek “W” family — I have so enjoyed getting to know and work with you this past year!!

Maggie’s Session:








Ella, Job & Maggie’s Session:







Kelli: WOW - These pics & kids are BEAUTIFUL!

Kelly C: Those are great pictures!

Catina: Love Love Love the pics!!!!

Tink & Colleen: Adorable pictures! Catina told me to take a peek. Glad I did. Beautiful family.

It has been a insanely busy last month for me!  The blog has been quiet but sessions haven’t!  I have had some awesome sessions these past few weeks and a great opportunity to work with a local OB office.  I have so much to share but need to start with this little cutie pie.  

This was my third session with Izabella and it has been so much fun watching her grow and documenting those milestones along the way.  She is off and running now and kept her mom and I very busy during her session.  She has the most gorgeous baby blues and adorable expressions.  Here’s a sneak peek from her session.  25 comments from friends & family = an 8×10 on me.  






Mitch: very cute!

Sara: More great photos of Izabella...she is precious and getting so big! Can't wait to see the rest!

Marsha: She is just the cutest and wildest thing! We love her!

Brandi: oh my, what a beautiful little girl! I would so print up the first two HUGE! Stunning!

*bear with me as I try to articulate my thoughts on this shoot*

I have photographed MANY families over the past several years.  Of those families, I have experienced nearly every type of scenario possible from the “perfectly dressed, sit and smile family” to the “family of uncooperative kids and overly stressed parents” and everything in between.  And by the way, my kids would probably fit better into the second category…

I have learned so much from each experience of photographing different families but this shoot struck a heartstring when I loaded the images on my computer and watched them appear one by one.  Instantly I saw what I long for my photos to portray: a genuine connection.  It was the way the son’s face lit up in his mother’s arms, the daughter doting on her daddy, a tender kiss between mom and dad that was unrehearsed….  I loved seeing the interaction between this family and it has made me stop several times this week to take a moment with one of my kids and just be.

Think about the little moments, the simple things, the tiny details that we miss each and every day when we don’t take time to enjoy them.

“P” family, it was truly an honor and privilege to meet and photograph your family.  You have been a huge blessing to me!  Enjoy the sneak peek; the rest of your gallery will be ready shortly.  

p.s. 25 comments from friends and family = an 8×10 on me.  : )














Katie: Such a beautiful session, Gloria!!!

beverly: gorgeous, gloria! what a lovely series!

Brandi: These are stunning!!! What a gorgeous family, through the photos you can feel how much they love each other. Beautiful.

Amber: Little Miss Az!!! What a little model! Tell her that her aunt said she looks beautiful! Along with the rest of the family of course!! =)

lara: what a happy beautiful family! gorgeous images and the ones with the son and toad made me smile SO big!

Kelly: What beautiful pics of a beautiful family!

Michelle: Amy & Adam, Wow, what beautiful pictures, I got a little teary eyed looking at them. They are absolutely gorgeous. I love the last one.

LINDA: You can just feel the joy and happiness from looking at those pictures. They are great pictures. Good job to the photographer!

Carolyn Brown: Amy & Adam, the photos are absolutely gorgeous just like your family. She really captured something special in each of these shots.

Nikki: How fun!!! Playing in the yard - what beautiful pictures. You will cherish them forever. It's the little things that we take for granted that makes life so special. Thanks for sharing. Love ya.

Aunt Chris: Everyone looks so NICE! Beautiful lighting; props to the talented photographer. Gorgeous pictures. :-)

Heather Wargo: I needed a teary eyed smile today. Beautiful, Gloria! Beautiful, Amy!

Kristy: Amy, absolutely amazing photos, I love each and every one! You’ll love these should be very proud! Gorgeous family!

Aunt Krissy: Ahhh! These pictures are awesome! I'm so proud of Max and Azlyn they both took such good pics! Gloria I love the bubbles and the frog!

marilyn: what a lovely family to have whenever we want to look at their beautiful faces, of course they are our family, and we love them all!!

Ketti: Stunning! The 3rd one down - love her gaze. Love them all, but the last one is such a perfect family portrait!

Chery Miller: Thease are amazing...I don't think I have ever seen photos this good.

Cyndi: You are a beautiful family. God gave you each the patience of Job and has rewarded you all justly. I hope to meet you Amy, and them sometime soon.

Kristi Ringle: Amy, my friend Kim had some photos taken...and as I was looking at the the archives...I found your family. Great photos! Beautiful family!

This is a very hard shoot for me to sum up because I have so much I want to share!

This family is so near and dear to my heart.  I have known them for over 10 years now and was their nanny when they only had three children.  Austin was 5, Allyson was 3 1/2 (or maybe 4) and Abbey was just 8 months old.  Now she is eye level with me.  *Sigh*  I have so many fun stories from my adventures watching these guys but I’ve decided not to embarrass them too much during this post.   : )  I did however post a collage of photos taken when I was still their nanny (horrible film camera pictures) to show just how much they have grown.  I really really cannot believe how big they are.  It makes me feel very old!!! : )

You know there are certain people you meet and just instantly click with.  Dionne was one of those people.  I had no idea when I took a nanny job over 10 years ago, what would come of it.  Dionne has become such a wonderful friend to me.  I watched her little brood grow from 3 to 6 and delivered my first child just a couple months after her 6th.  Dionne ended up being my doula (support person) during the deliveries of my first 3 children.  She would have been there for number 4 had our peanut not arrived 2 months early and by c section.  : )  

I have seen her family overcome so many obstacles and come out stronger on the other side.  Her children have grown and matured into amazing individuals which I think says a lot about their mom and dad!  

Jeff & Dionne, your family holds such a special place in my heart!  Thank you for asking me to capture these memories for you- it was such an honor and privilege!  It’s hard for me to believe how much time has passed since Abbey was spilling contents of every container in your house, Allyson was never seen without her paci and Austin’s favorite past time was laying on the floor in his underwear watching cartoons (but who knows, maybe that’s still his favorite thing to do….)   When I see your kids now, it reminds me that the time with my own kids will go so quickly so I cherish those little moments all the more.

Love you guys- enjoy the sneak peek!!














beverly: you did awesome! and i LOVE how the coordinated their outfits!

Katie: Wonderful!

I have had the privilege of photographing these 3 siblings before and always have so much fun with them!  Aren’t they the cutest?!  This was another shoot that was part of a project I’m working on with Heirloom so my sister was also taking photos and shot more of the little boy (which is why I’m posting more of the girls).  I just loved the early evening light in some of these shots!

G&A- thanks for letting us “play” with your kids for a bit; we had so much fun!  Enjoy the sneak peek!!!







Angel Seal: I love all of the them. Those Allen girls are beautiful.

Katie: These are stunning!

beverly: what gorgeous kids! you did a lovely job!

Fall sessions are filling up quickly which means there won’t be many spots left.  If you are wanting to book a session, please contact me soon (I still have some open spots in my fall special).

10 month old “P” is full of energy and personality!  He’s already walking (almost running) and kept us on the move during his photo shoot.  He’s as sweet as can be and kept giving Jenni (my sister and other photographer) and I hugs….awwwww!  He was also very curious about the camera as you can see from the close up shot!  I couldn’t stop laughing as he kept grabbing my lens.  See my reflection?  This is another project shoot I will tell about in the upcoming months.  Enjoy the sneak peek!!!



beverly: SO cute, gloria!

jenni: I can see you in his eyes! Cute pics!

Josh: My sweet BABY BOY!

Tia: Oh, my!! My nephew has to be the cutest kid ever!! Great pics.......I can only aspire to do as good! Love them!

Sarah: We had so much fun during the photo shoot!! You take amazing photos. Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Kim: awesome pics. very cute

If I had to sum up this session in one word, it would be Laughter. These adorable siblings were so much fun to work (more like play) with and had the best laughs! Little brother was not too sure about the camera at first but forgot I was there once he started playing with his big sisters. I loved watching the interaction between them- there is such a beautiful connection!

This shoot was for a special project I’m working on with Heirloom and am excited to share more about it in the coming months!!!  For now I’ll just give you a sneak peek into this fun session….










Brandi: What a fun looking session, and gorgeous kiddos! I adore the swing shot, but the last two are just beautiful!

I was trying to think of a clever title for this post and this song popped in my head.  I had the joy of photographing my nieces and nephew this past week and they were sooooooooooo good!  I have taken their photos many times over the past couple of years and I can say without a doubt, this was the best shoot!  They were smiling, giggling and laughing hysterically at my goofy self and we saved some fun shots for the very end that I dearly love because of the gorgeous sun flare we had goin’ on.  I might have to post the entire gallery when I have it ready….

Here ya go, C & R- hope you love these as much as I do!  : )






Ryann: Wow, GLoria, those are AMAZING. I can't believe it, you even outdid yourself!

beverly: awww...these are SO sweet G! i love the light and crop in that last one!!

shay2oo2: GORGEOUS Glo! what i wouldnt do for a shot like the last one of my own girls!

Belle: these are gorgeous!

This past weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with 4 other amazing photographers in North Carolina.  It was a fun filled weekend of discussing all things photography and shooting together.  My brain hurts from all the information that has been jammed in there!  I don’t think I can even articulate how much I learned in the time spent with them and am excited to implement that info. into my own business!  I have loads and loads of photos and can’t wait to share but first I want to finish off the sneak peek from the session I shot just before I left.  Stay tuned for my North Carolina images!

These 3 siblings are just too cute for words and I really enjoyed letting them run and play as I followed along capturing moments of them just being them.  I think their smiles say it all for how this session went.  M&D- enjoy your sneak peek- I’ll have the rest of your images ready very soon!  Remember 25 comments from friends & family = a 5×7 on me!   : )




Gina Booth: adorable. I love these photos. such cute kids!!!

Melissa Ray Perry: just the photos!!!

Grandma Joyce: Great photos, of course I love those grandchildren.

Angela Ruiz: these pictures are soooo sweet!!!

I had the most fun shooting a session with my good friend’s 3 adorable children yesterday!  I told her I wouldn’t be able to post any images until next week when I return from my trip to North Carolina (details later) but I’m sitting in the airport and couldn’t resist posting a little teaser.  I’ll post the regular sneak peek soon.

Check out these beautiful sisters!


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